Who uses DataSHIELD?

Current DataSHIELD Pilots

Consortia Setting up DataSHIELD Pilots

  • SPIRIT (University of Sherebrooke) intra-uterine determinants of child health and development and on perinatal health services in Quebec, Canada (3 studies) and Shanghai, China (1 study).
  • ENPADASI (German Institute of Human Nutrition) will pilot DataSHIELD to deliver an open access research infrastructure that will contain data from a wide variety of nutritional studies, ranging from mechanistic/interventions to epidemiological studies including a multitude of phenotypic outcomes that will facilitate combined analyses in the future.

DataSHIELD Integration and Scoping Projects

  • BRISSKit (University of Leicester) integrated DataSHIELD with i2b2 data warehouse for biomedical data.
  • ARDC England (University of Southampton) and ARDC Wales (University of Swansea).
  • AMASED project in collaboration with F1000Research scoped secure post publication data analysis
  • AMASED project in collaboration with the British Library scoped the secure text analysis in the digital humanities

Other Interested Groups

  • British Geological Survey
  • Royal College of Physicians