The DataSHIELD Team

Name Affiliation  CountryContribution to the DataSHIELD Project
Leire Abarrategui Martinez
Newcastle University
Research Assistant in Biostatistics on the DataSHIELD project with knowledge in omics field. Collaborator in LITMUS project developing infrastructure and functions for sharing and analysing data safely. Contributor to implement functions for omics data analysis and responsible for function documentation and testing.  
Dr Demetris Avraam
Newcastle University
A core developer of DataSHIELD statistical functionality and provider of support to DataSHIELD users. Developer of statistical methodologies for secure multi-party computations and privacy-preserving data visualisations. Focusing on statistical approaches, including data synthesis and anonymization techniques, aiming the mitigation of disclosure risk associated with sensitive data without degrading the scientific value of the data. 
Professor Paul Burton
Newcastle University and Public Health England
Principal investigator and lead of DataSHIELD project. Jointly leads statistical functionality team. Centrally involved in incorporating generalized linear modelling (glm) and generalized linear mixed modelling (glmer) into DataSHIELD, with multi-study inference based either on full joint likelihood applied to Individual Patient Data (IPD) or through centrally controlled study-level meta-analysis. 
Professor Yann Joly
McGill University
Adviser on the ethical and legal aspects of DataSHIELD covering applicable data privacy and ethical standards across global jurisdictions.   

Professor Juan Ramón González Ruiz

Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) 
Associate Research Professor in Bioinformatics and Statistics. Expertise in omic association analyses and developing new statistical methods and bioinformatic tools to fill missing heritability in complex human traits ( Leading scalable omic data analysis in non-disclosive federated analysis. Focus on developing and documenting dsOmics package into DataSHIELD
Dr Patricia Ryser-Welch
Newcastle University and Open University
Research Associate in Data-Science. Particular expertise in distributed software architecture, algorithms and computation, scalable machine learning and bio-inspired methodologies. Leading on user interaction design and on developing innovative features required for non-parametric statistics and scalable machine learning in non-disclosive federated analysis. Centrally involved in developing DataSHIELD’s conceptual and testing frameworks.
Elaine Smith
Newcastle University
Communications and Research Administrator for DataSHIELD. 
Alex Westerberg  
Newcastle University       
Research Assistant in Statistics on the DataSHIELD project. Major contributor to online presence: keeping the website up to date; maintaining the accuracy of wiki articles; and following current developments. Demonstrator for beginners’ workshop. Developer and tester of new statistical analysis functions for use within DataSHIELD. 
Dr Stuart Wheater
Newcastle University and Arjuna Technologies
Involved in all aspects of the development and maintenance of the DataSHIELD systemin particular managing the release, continuous integration and quality assurance processes.