2019 EUCAN-Connect AGM & DataSHIELD Workshop

The DataSHIELD team are organising a joint EUCAN-Connect AGM and DataSHIELD workshop event over the course of 5 days.  The event will consist of a two day EUCAN-Connect Annual General Meeting (9th-10th September) and a 3 day DataSHIELD Workshop (11th-13th September).

The EUCAN-Connect AGM is a working meeting of the H2020 funded EUCAN-Connect consortium and is restricted to EUCAN-Connect members. 

The 2019 DataSHIELD Workshop is open to the whole DataSHIELD community. The agenda will include a mix of talks and demonstrations, a tutorial on how to use DataSHIELD and discussion sessions to facilitate DataSHIELD community-led solutions to a range of development and application challenges. We will also be scheduling a new release of DataSHIELD in September, and so the workshop will be an oppotunity to see the new functionality. Workshop discussions will also assist in the roadmap planning of DataSHIELD and there will be ample networking time for participants to foster new collaborations.  

This workshop is suitable for: 

  • those that are unfamiliar with DataSHIELD, or that may have a new usecase or application for DataSHIELD 
  • current DataSHIELD users 
  • those developing new statistical methodology,  functionality or infrastructure for DataSHIELD.  

Submit an abstract (closes 31st July 2019). We are accepting short abstract submissions for talks, demonstrations or discussion sessions on any topic related to DataSHIELD technical & methodological development, usecases or ethico-legal-social issues.  

Workshop registration (closes 8th August 2019).