December 2020 Workshops

An Introduction to R and Beginners' 2-Hour Workshop

An Introduction to R - 2nd December 2020

A great introduction to R Programming by Patricia Ryser-Welch, outlining its development, benefits and step-by-step guide for users; essential viewing for those starting out with DataSHIELD. 

Link to the YouTube recording Intro to R 

Corresponding training information can be found on our Wiki page: R Training Guide

DataSHIELD Beginners' Workshop - 9th December 2020

Alex Westerberg and Demetris Avraam guide you through the process of setting up and running DataSHIELD software in this comprehensive beginners' workshop. 

Here is the link to the YouTube recording: Beginners' workshop, which includes a useful question and answer session. The corresponding training information can be found on our Wiki page: Training and Installation link

Summary of the contents and instructions:


DataSHIELD Beginners' Workshop


2 hours

Target audience

New users, recent starters to DataSHIELD statistical software.

Brief description

The beginners workshop covers the basics of how to begin to use DataSHIELD statistical software. The first part will be focused on getting the training environment set up, then this will be followed by working through several sections on various statistical techniques.

Topics covered

  • 5 min slideshow on what DataSHIELD is and how the moving parts work
  • 10 mins on how to boot Virtual Machine (VM), launch RStudio within the VM. Users who have already downloaded can follow along
    • questions
  • 10 mins on how to create/ customise login script
    • questions
  • 10 mins on summary statistics DataSHIELD functions
    • questions
  • 10 mins on assign-type DataSHIELD functions
    • questions
  • 10 mins on graphs in DataSHIELD
    • questions
  • 10 mins on how to run basic linear and generalized linear modelling in DataSHIELD
    • questions
  • 20 mins open to more general questions


·         23rd June 2020 Beginners' workshop on YouTube (link:

·         Basic knowledge of R (Patricia Ryser-Welch leading “Intro to R” Session on the 2nd of December 2020, 10:30-11:30 CET, check for link at

Before the workshop, you need to

·         Download and Install R 4.0 or newer (

·         Download and Install RStudio (

·         Download and Install VirtualBox

·         Download the Virtual Machine image